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wyważarka turbosprężarki

The balancer for CMT 47 tr POLIMER turbochargers is used in the first regeneration stage. It is used for dynamic balancing of rotors of all types of automotive turbochargers in two planes, after removing the rotors from the bearing housing, at a speed of 2100 - 5000 rev/min. The machine has a smoothly adjusted drive that enables accelerating the rotor up to 9000 rev/min. The applied polymeric body is more resistant to external interference, which makes the machine highly accurate and stable in terms of measurements. The balancer allows for precise calibration, and setting the balancing planes on the rotor is carried out using the laser straight-edge; this solution minimizes the risk of an operator making a mistake, as is the case of manual measurements of these distances.

The balancer for CMT 48 VSR turbochargers is used for high-speed turbines. The balancing of turbine rotors is carried out in own bearings mounted in factory housings of turbines. The machine is characterized by a very high measuring accuracy. The balancing process takes place in one correction plane on the "cold” side, and at a rotational speed up to 280.000 rev/min.

As a result of measurements we obtain characteristics of rotor vibrations in the whole speed range. The machine also presents unbalance in the mass unit of a given angle.

In the machine the turbine is attached to a universal body. In the body there are removable inserts that form a flow of air during driving of a turbine of a given type. These inserts are selected depending on the size and type of the turbine. The working conditions of the turbochargers are similar to those which can be found in internal combustion engines: the turbine rotor is forced by compressed air, and the bearing is supplied with oil at regulated pressure and temperature as in the engine chamber.

doważarka turbosprężarki

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