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In the process of repair of turbochargers parts that wear during operation are replaced. These parts are delivered in the form of repair kits by major manufacturers (GARRETT, KKK, MITSUBISHI, HOLSET, SCHWITZER, MELETT). In the process of repair, the same quality standards as in serial production of new turbines are valid.


The regeneration process of a turbocharger includes the following steps:


  • washing and cleaning of all parts

  • accurate quality assessment of individual components of device made at measuring points specified by the manufacturer

  • replacement of all damaged and worn parts

  • pre-balancing of the rotating unit

  • assembly of the rotating unit in the body along with the bearing system and seals

  • balancing of the complete core of turbochargers using highly specialist equipment by CIMAT

  • final assembly

  • Adjustment of the variable geometry system on the measuring bench

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