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About us


Welcome to the world of M&G PARTS

Our offer:

We are a company that specialises in the distribution of spare pa-rts for trucks, semitrailers and buses. We focus especially on ele-ments of the truck brake system – brake callipers and spare parts, compressors and spare parts, brake adjusters, brake pads, brake discs, airbrake parts, brake chambers.

The quality of our products:

The high quality of our products is ensured by carefully selected manufacturers, with which we have longstanding relations. This allows us to have a real influence on the quality of the elements that we order. The additional asset is the constant verification of the quality of provided goods carried out directly in our company or by befriended repair shops remanufacturing truck components.


Apart from a broad selection of the abovementioned components we offer our customers not less important technical support during the selection of the appropriate spare parts – we are happy to share our knowledge and experience!

REG-TRANS S.C. is the owner of the M&G PARTS truck spare part brand. M&G PARTS products are made to meet the needs and expectations of our customers concerning high-quality products offered at a reasonable price. Currently the following products are offered with the M&G PARTS logo: brake calliper spare parts, compressor spare parts, brake chambers, brake adjusters.

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